Thursday, April 4, 2013

Starting with Crumbs

Maple + Bacon Scone remnants

Many years ago I came across a scone so good, so tasty, that I truly became addicted.  These were the buttery current scones from South Park Cafe, San Francisco circa early 90's..The chef left at some point before I could demand a recipe so I have been on a holy-grail-scone quest ever since.. along the way I have experienced the gastro-range, from okay scones to outright horrible scones, nothing coming close to South Park's.. until lately.  
The Maple + Bacon scone from Birdbath is the eptiomy of good nammet.  They are simply amazing.  For the same reason there are only crumbs left for me to photograph, so too, few words are available to convey how tasty and satisfying these scones are.  Just wow!  My wife's office is just a few steps from their Tribeca bakery and she got hooked, occasionally she gets one for me.  Even though this was all that was left on the counter today..and now almost a day old, I did a Gary Oldman Dracula-straight-edge-razor-licking take, devouring these crumbs in a nanosecond. They are a fantastic mix / balance of sweet and savory..intrigued?  If you live or work in NYC, get yourself to one of their locations and enjoy more than crumbs.

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