Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Return to Basics - Yogurt

We all go through food phases and fads, the palate is not a fixed thing and has a tendency to get bored and evolve.  I have been trying a few different yogurts lately and am really enjoying the Chobani Greek Yogurts.  They seem to have the right balance of creamy-yet-tart quality that I like. I went years without having one yogurt yet now see it as a staple in the fridge.  When in college I would buy plain yogurt by the quart, a few ounces into a bowl and just start adding fruits,nuts, seeds etc... and that would be my dinner.. or breakfast.  My first spoonful of this Chobani brand and it triggered some taste buds linked to my memory, I was right back in my first kitchen diving into a bowl of yogurt from Real Foods on Polk St. in SF.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mystery Pot

I am always on the lookout for a good pot.. and I find one every now and then at a garage sale or thrift shop.  Finding a good quality pot or pan that has been properly used just adds to the experience of cooking so when out and about my eyes are open for a find.  This sauce pan and lid is a bit different… and each time I grab it I LOL at how it arrived in my kitchen.
Each day I take Scout the lab out for her exercise at a soccer field close to my house.  On this particular occasion besides discarded plastic water bottles that did not quite make the bin there was this Emeril All-clad sitting next to the garbage can.  How odd…that is the best description..and still is.
No food in signs that it may have been left behind from some picnic.. no reason for it to be there as there is no picnic area or tables..just a seemingly discarded 4.5 qt pan and lid.  While I ran the dog I had an internal debate as to whether I would be taking this find home..because it was, well, odd.
I decided that it was meant to be so took it home and gave it a good wash and sanitizing.  It is an odd size for a sauce pan as well, it is really a small stock pot with a sauce pan handle and that is how I mostly use it, which I have to admit is seldom.  It cooks well but I am not into non-stick at the moment and use it to boil water mostly for pasta.  The domed stainless steel lid is the coolest thing about it.  I need a good griddle so I hope one shows itself to me on another outing.

Friday, February 21, 2014

O is for Olive..and Oil.

One of my food staples…olive oil.  Oh how I miss a slice of San Francisco sour dough bread dipped into a pool of extra virgin olive oil.  Yes, I can get the oil here and yes there are artisan bakers in NY that do a pretty good loaf…but,... But, there is something special about the the bay area climate that makes great bread and combine that with a great Californian olive oil and it is manna from heaven.
The beauty about olive oil is that it is the most versatile oil in the kitchen, eat it raw or use it to sauté.  
The O olive oils are out of Northern California and have a great line of citrus infused oils like their Tahitian Lime I shot for an e-commerce site.  

Friday, February 7, 2014

Afternoon sugar hit

Dan's Coffee Ginger Cookies

When I have a sweet tooth I find a simple cookie will do wonders for my craving…no chocolate, fruit or nuts.. just flour, egg, butter and sugar.. well maybe some flavoring like ginger, coffee and vanilla won't overcomplicate the beauty of this late afternoon treat.  I needed that.