Friday, June 7, 2013

Blackstrap Brisket revisited

My slowcooked Blackstrap Brisket about 3 hours into cooking, yes I peek about this time to check out the liquid content and give it a stir, at this point I can alter heat or go topless with the dutch oven to reduce down the liquid.

This is a slow cooked brisket recipe I have been tweaking for a few years,
never the same, all the extra spices/flavors can be used, subsituted or omitted
as desired. The best results I have found are from making up a rub paste/
marinade and letting sit for 10-24 hours. Cooking times vary depending how
well your dutch oven seals and how loaded up it is..these are my times based on
my dutch oven..your time may vary.
7-8 lbs Brisket ( I cut brisket into chunks about the size of the dutch oven..12” )
~4 lbs Yellow Onions ( 3 really big ones )
Paste / Marinade:
½ cup brown sugar
2 oz rum
2 oz maple syrup
1 tbs ground sea salt
1 tps black ground pepper
1 tps ground cayenne pepper
1 tbs sweet ground paprika
1 tbs smoked ground paprika
1 tps granulated garlic
Cooking stock:
juices from marinade
3 oz Blackstrap Molasses
2 double espresso shots ( or 3oz really strong coffee)
3 garlic cloves, mashed and chopped
Mix up the the marinade paste, it should be like a thick milkshake, throughly
rub, spread and massage the paste onto your brisket, cover / seal and leave
refrigerated for up to 24 hours.
When done marinating, there will be a few oz of liquid marinade pour and set
aside for cooking stock.
Preheat your dutch oven to med-high on your cooktop adding 1 tbs of cooking oil.
Cut your brisket into chunks approximately the size of your dutch oven lid.
Sear both sides of each chunk of brisket, slightly longer on sides with fat.
Remove brisket from dutch oven and turn off cooktop. Preheat oven to 300F.
Cut up onions, I like to slice these like longitude line on the globe. Mix into
dutch oven with brisket. Mix up your cooking stock and dump-in. Do a few
grinds with sea salt and dust with some sweet paprika, cover and put in middle
of oven. Leave covered for 3+ hours, take out stir, poke and taste, cover again 2
+hours.. you can eat now or turn oven off and let coast for when you want.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Pointless objects

my 3 a day... trying to get through this supply so I can move on to a better, more natural brand..I don't have an issue with a one a days but this brand seems pretty artificial to me, not sure where they get their ingredients or what they are.  I never have been a vitamin popper but see that as the aging process kicks in they have their place.  Still unsure of fish oil effects..they are in my drawer so I will keep popping before they get older than me. When I intake large amounts of veg and fruits I'm not sure what the point is to pop these things?.. but since I bought them they will be used up.