Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Beginnings

Food is a staple to life, that is a given...Food as a way of life, that is less given... and Food as visual art is way down on the list, unless it is an ancient oil still-life by a known master is not a given at all.  My interest in food has been integral to my interest in photography, but I am a professional photographer, so I approached food from the visual aspect, as subject to transform into 2 dimensions..I am not a chef or stylist so this blog will show my roots and have a different angle than someone trained in the culinary arts.
 However..Life took a turn for me and I have been the sole food guy in my household for the past 6 years. This practical experience of food being first and foremost something to sustain my family and friends has given me a whole new perspective and appreciation of what food means to me.
I choose Nammet for the blog title for a few reasons.  It is something from my past.. my pre-colonial heritage in rural england..Nammet is fairly common word of that era in southern england... now its use limited to the natives of the Isle of Wight of which my wife is one.  Over the years  I have connected with that place..rural, seaside, land of Al Tennyson and Julie Cameron, dairy farmers and sheep herders, royal sailers and pubs...quite a mix.
This Nammet is not haute cuisine or fusion or any "ism", it refers more to basics...simplicity and what is on hand..or eaten with hands.  For me it references what food was prior to TV dinners and 64 oz big gulps.  I am no fanatic, vegan, or whole foods devotee...I crave baked gooey cinnamon rolls,  I will eat  fries off anyone's plate if allowed and when the opportunity arises, eat what I kill.
So, while I aspire to eat only local organic hudson valley produce, I will buy a bag of tangerines at costco shipped in from where-ever.  I have also loosened my "shoulds" in food photography, I am no longer bound to the 8x10 view camera and will shoot food with anything that captures an image, as this iphone shot of the onion.  The blog is my sketchbook of things that happen along the way, a sythesis of edible and visual.  This my take on food, the little I know of it.  Sometimes straightforward, sometime obscure, seemingly contrary to a variety of camps, I take, learn and share from all perspectives.

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