Monday, May 6, 2013


The Blendtec loaded with fruit

apple/spinach/lime/ginger drink

The fruit & green drinks are being blended by my new Blentec machine..all I can say is this machine takes blending to a new frontier.  How many blenders can make flour from your grains?  Whole juice from just about anything that grows and have it not be chunky and thick.. this thing is awesome.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Big Apple


Getting back to basics with both diet and craft is always a good thing.  Being that I am now trying to limit my bread intake, what I use to consider as the basis of my food, I am now looking more at fruits and veg.. I sliced this apple the other day and besides thinking " wow, not bad for a non-food stylist" I also was transported to the apple shots of Paul Caponigro how stark and beautiful these things are..
I often think of Caponigro and our looking at similar things in nature here in NY.  I don't have many photographers work on my walls but one of his is among them.  He is one of my elders in the tradition of masters, whether he knows it or not. Also he came to mind because my brother forwarded a blog piece on the senior Caponigro by his son John Paul.   So today, I pay homage to b&w fruits of the earth and to my stomach.