Friday, April 19, 2013

Breaking the daily bread - habit

This is what a meal is about, breaking bread.  It has been going on forever.
Why is it that the really yummy things in life are not good for you?  When it comes to bread the saying " all things in moderation" just does not seem to apply.  When a food does not sit well with you just one bite can be devastating, a poison.  No, I don't need an Epi-pen if I have bread but I do feel better without it.. yet I really like bread.  Yeasty, wheatie, full of gluten, I love bread.  Flat bread, sour-dough bread, ... I feel like that guy talkn' shrimp in Forest Gump...except for over-the-top rye bread, I love it all.  Even the idea of Gluten free bread instinctively brings my hand up to cover my yawn.  The Gluten free industry is upon us and I may have to embrace the cause.. but not today.. I would rather go without any bread at this point. I will see how long that lasts before I succumb to the gluten-fee trend or just live with the consequences.


  1. don't get all preachy..I have not gone gluten free yet..I am sorta attached to the wheat belly.