Thursday, September 19, 2013

What flavor is your Sundae?

Diversity is a good thing..well in some things, the concept is good but in hot fudge sundaes?  not really to my taste.
I don't usually do sundaes, but if in the mood,  likely a chocolate related mood, I like a traditional vanilla hot fudge sundae.. without the whip cream, without the nuts and candied sprinkles and sans that fake looking cherry, just some vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.  Per client/agency request, this shot required nine scoops of different flavors the only one you can't see is behind the thin-mint, all real ice-cream, nothing fake here except the coloring in the Marichino cherry.  I am not sure what food dye is pumped into those things but real it isn't, nor is this forced diversity of flavors real, but a concept
that sounded good on paper.  
Food styling:  Susan Brouchard  Client: Dryers