Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Passage to India on Main St.

IF...I owned the little 12 seat breakfast dinner that sits under utilized on our busy little main street, I would have these on the menu.  I call them Paul's Eggs of Empire and they really hit all my needs for a full-on breakfast, both in making it and the flavors involved.
First off, anything I can cook-up in a cast iron skillet is a plus, second it can be done in 5 min if you have everything on hand.
I did not style this but just made it and shot it, a food stylist would make this more appetizing, visually, but it would have taken another 15 minutes if I had a stylist on hand.   Visual mess aside, the varied strong flavors at play here are amazing.  Being a good ole Missouri boy, I like my egg breakfast, but one taste of this and I'm transported to colonial Northern India with all the flavor that comes with it.  I think a cup of strong black tea and a spot of milk served in bone china would top it off perfectly.  I settled for an espresso and that worked fine.  Now I would want 13 bucks to put that in front of you at my counter, but it would be worth every penny...unlike the average mass-market ingredients used in the Huevos Rancheros I paid 13 for last Sunday at an unmentioned busy restaurant.
So sitting there in my little hole in the wall diner you too could taste nirvana.

2 organic eggs, fried in tsp. butter - over easy
cover eggs with thinly sliced mature Irish cheddar - one minute under broiler
1 heaping tbs of Tamarind Plum chutney
1 tsp Mint Cilantro chutney
ground pepper and ground sea salt
garnish with a bit of thyme
slide out of pan onto toasted, split English muffin or warm naan with butter and Marmite (critical ingredient )

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